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Here's a bit about me...

As a Sekhem and Reiki teacher, EFT practitioner, astrologer, Ecstatic Dance facilitator, coach and mentor - I have a deep well of multidimensional tools and insights to support all aspects of you. And as a fellow human, I’ve danced on the knife edge of despair, falling to pieces and rebuilding more times than I can count. It’s taken a lot of unravelling for me to feel safe and so I truly understand how to hold tender places, with reverence and gentleness. I believe that everything can be realigned to love and this for me is about letting our emotions flow and stories go.


When you journey with me, I’m dedicated to you. Nurturing you back into wholeness. Supporting you to rebirth yourself and rediscover your seat in our circle, in right relationship with self and other, through creating space in your personal history to integrate trauma and understanding the archetypes you embody through your astrology. Together, we will take down the barricades and let the nectar of love back in, allowing your Master Self to be embodied.


Each of my offerings correlates to a Dreamspell archetype - the universal aspects of Human Consciousness, first mapped by the Mayans and later built upon by Jose Arguelles. Working with these archetypes and the 9 moon-th conscious evolution process reflected in the Mayan calendar, is a synchronistic gateway to a whole new way of being that I love to share with my clients and on my youtube channel.


I would be honoured to support you, and I have the kind of eyes that truly see you.

Jyoti xox


In Lak'ech Ala K'in

I am another You

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Galactic Mayan & Human Design Astrology Decoding

We are micro versions of the universal whole. The moment we beamed into existence, we became the imprint of that moment in time. We ARE the astrological code. And when we understand our imprint, we know when to lean into in order to embody our unmasked selves.


You’re here to be seen. You’re here to be you. And I’m here to help you to understand who you are. As a psychic intuitive channel and astrologer, I combine multiple frameworks for self understanding with multidimensional insight.

We explore your blueprint through Dreamspell Mayan astrology - which locates you in space/time and reveals your soul gifts, archetypal learnings and offerings this lifetime, along with Human Design Analysis - which provides the operating manual for your incredibly specific and unique human avatar. You are a Human and a Soul, we explore both aspects of your alchemical being equally and as we uncover, you gain greater permission to show up in all your authenticity, understanding who you are and who you are not.  

Following decoding your astrology, we dive into the cards where you are invited to ask two questions of your choosing. Perhaps you'd like greater insight into a relationship, receive guidance about your career or explore your options at a crossroads. You receive a 6 card spread per question. 

This offering is £111 and can be delivered through Zoom or in person in my home temple space in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Either way, it is recorded for you to keep forever. 

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"My Mayan Astrology & Intuitive Session was beyond my wildest expectations! Jyoti held such a strong and loving space, her capacity to channel with grounded clarity mixed with her deep knowledge was profoundly impactful for me. I can't wait for my next session" - Marisa, USA

"My reading with Jyoti was really powerful. I love the way she uses language and how digestible her channeled knowing is, as she delivers her insights. Her depth of knowledge feels vast and I felt so held in her presence. I find what she brings to be really unique and I've had a lot of readings in my time! There's something fresh about both her methods, her perspective and the way she shows up and guides you. The reading catalysed a lot within me and has allowed me to really deepen into new levels of permission about where I'm at and where I'm going. I can't recommend her enough. Just being in her presence creates shifts. And she leads with a depth of integrity that really is a huge gift to this world." - Meesh, UK

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Shadow Work & Conscious Coaching for Evolving Beings

To get to where we want to be and to achieve our destiny, we have to consciously die. The old beliefs, stories, judgements and loops in our lives have to be surrendered to the fire of transmutation.

You’ve come to the right place though, I’ve done this dance many times and I can show you the moves. As an EFT therapist and coach, I support you to join the invisible threads of your personal history so that you can forever clear the patterns of thought and behaviour holding you back. I create a safe and secure vessel of unconditional love for you, as we dive into your subconscious mind to gather the fragments of your inner child and bring them home, soothing them to release their burdens and trauma. I dig, question and push you to discover truth and break through illusions. I hold space for your tears and support you to make the space in your life for your biggest, boldest version of self. I help you to realise your medicine and support you to feel brave enough to claim it.

The pains of the past are the barriers to the synchronistic flow of our destined life. But once the historic pain integrates, you are free to flow. The illusionary barriers in the present melt away and the true, infinitely powerful self (that has always been within you) is able to take you by the hand and reveal the majesty that this life has to offer, through you.

This package is now available for men & women.




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Galactic Energy Healing Sessions

We live in a multi-dimensional reality, as we are multi-dimensional beings. Sometimes we are carrying old stories and imprints in our energetic field from other space/time realities (past lives and such). Working energetically, we can let go of these karmic ties and reactivate the dormant aspects of self in this life.


I combine multiple modalities - as a Reiki and Sekhem Master, the

Divine Masculine & Feminine lineages of energy healing are fused with 

light language and gestures channeled from my home system Ye'Kuana. 


I am working multi-dimensionally on all aspects of your being, releasing past life trauma, upgrading your present manifestation, offering insights to support your alignment and soothing your being into integration. Come and relax into the softness, allow me to detangle your energetic field. I work intuitively on your physical, emotional and energetic bodies, in a safe container where all is permitted to move and release, to soothe, reconnect and expand your being and bring that sparkle back to your step.

This offering is £77 can be delivered through Zoom or in person in my home temple space in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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Usui Reiki & Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki) Training Initiations

Are you feeling the pull to train in Reiki? Or perhaps you feel to build upon your Reiki practice and attune to Sekhem - the feminine Egyptian lineage of energy healing which correlates with Sirius. Maybe you want to train to teach energy healing - I can guide you through your initiations from the beginners level, through to Master (teacher) qualifications.


Training as an energy healer is always a powerful initiation, aspects of your humanity that may have previously been overlooked or dormant come to life, as we awaken and drop into the more subtle qualities of perception and sensation. I am well journeyed with energetics and alongside the learning about the particular lineage you are training in, I host a plethora of different experiences to support you to open to your innate psychic abilities. I am a professional practitioner and will train you to understand boundaries, consent and creating a secure space in all aspects for yourself and your clients - something vitally important with energy healing but often overlooked.


I adore creating sacred space and would love to welcome you into the vortex. I have cultivated a deep and utterly nourishing relationship with Spirit and the doors will be fully open for you to do the same during our time together. If we meet in person, you will be welcomed into my home temple and nurtured with delicious  vegan food and beautiful vibrations. We will visit the woodland and the waters, just a short walk from my home.


You can choose to do the training one to one, where we craft a training that is specifically catered to you personally. Or you can join with a group of other initiates to sit in a constellation of other amazing souls.


Each level of training takes 1 day. Master training takes 5 days - back to back, or over the course of 5-10 weeks. Prices start from £200 per day. The training is also available (for a reduced fee) online.

If you're feeling a YES, let's jump on a call and start crafting! The link below will take you to my calendar to book a free zoom call.

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Mayan Goddess Retreats

This offering is for women only, and is about creating a glorious space for you to drop into receiving.  Each retreat is personally crafted and luxurious. A temple space created for your human self to rest and your soul to purrrr back to life. I am guided by the Goddess to hold, tweak, love shower and initiate you into a new level of self.


Whether you’d like to be initiated into the women’s mysteries, dive deep to detangle your personal history, activate dormant potential or be pampered to the heavens, I am here to serve you. We co-create the experience your being is calling out for. Journeying one to one, I am completely attuned to your field and your needs . You are off duty in every way, it's your time to receive. I create a  beautiful and strong container for you to unravel and receive the medicine you need, in the beautiful temple space apartment I live in, in West Yorkshire (England).  You are welcome to come for a day, or for 5!

Have a browse of the sample menu below and then book in your free call to explore what can we woven for your beautiful self to release into.



Packages start at £300.





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Akashic Field Channeling 

My beautiful guides are so eager to support and guide us at this time. Perhaps you have specific questions you’re grappling with, maybe you are at a crossroads, or maybe you’re just curious - the guidance offered will be what you need at this moment to best align.

Before we meet, I tune into your field to get a feel for where we are going . We open the container with a potent meditation and you are invited to set an intention to guide our experience.

Then, the channel is open and I drop into oracle mode. You ask questions and my guides will answer through me. Often I use cards to assist but not always.


We are working deeply in this session and often big feelings can be stirred as we touch upon truths, the validation we've never received may land through this self understanding, or the cosmic code behind a difficult situation may reveal itself. I deliver all insight with ultimate love and tenderness. You are completely permitted and held to move through any emotion that surfaces through our meeting. I've got you love. And I'm rooting for you in every way.



This offering can be delivered through Zoom or in person in my home temple space in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Either way, it is recorded for you to keep forever. 

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