And I've got some POWERFUL tools to help you believe it and therefore receive it.

Let's get you sparkling shall we?

Hello Beautiful

I'm so glad you're here. 

I have personally journeyed from the crumbs to the feast, transforming all levels of my being to feel worthy enough to receive and create exactly what I want from life. I've been broken and rebuilt more times than I can count and I truly LOVE living.

I've been to the depths of despair, so I can really be with you in your pain. I have experienced next level unconditional love, so I can hold you steady in that too. I've got an amazing channel plugged into my Galactic home, ready to bring the insights your being is asking to receive. And I am able to traverse the depths with a cheeky, playful air that keeps you feeling safe even as you feel the darkest corners of your being. I fully believe in you!

As a Sekhem and Reiki teacher, EFT Practitioner, Astrologer, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Coach and Mentor - I can support you to embody your essence in a variety of ways (that span dimensions!) and I would be absolutely honoured to journey with you.

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Conscious Coaching for Evolving Women


Are you ready to find your sacred, untamed expression of self?

Connect deeply to your womb, your body and your truth?

To wiggle out of that old skin, take up space and say YES to life?

You are a powerful being, here to birth the new world of 5th dimensional soul embodiment, and it’s time you gave yourself permission to act like it! You came to take up space, to make an impact, to break the patterns that have held your ancestors back from their dreams.


As a coach, I join the invisible threads of your personal history so that you can forever clear patterns of limitation and lack. As we work together, I connect to your energy body and read between the lines, I momentarily see life through your eyes and so I know exactly where we need to go in order to heal. I hold you safely and securely in a vessel of unconditional love, allowing the denser energies in your field to be cleansed and transformed. I dig, question and push you to discover truth and break through illusions. I hold space for your tears and support you to make the space in your life for your biggest, boldest version of self. I help you to realise your medicine and support you to feel brave enough to claim it.

Over the sessions offered in the online coaching package, your vibration will level up.

We dive deep, rewire and clear with ease and grace. We explore your subconscious mind, where we meet and befriend the inner child, allowing them to release their burdens and trauma.

As your historic pain integrates, alignment harmonises and you create space to LIVE, embodying your soul and your truth, claiming the life you’ve always dreamed of.




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Akashic Field, Mayan & Human Design Decoding

Are you aching to understand how to best step forward in life?

To discover your soul gifts and the medicine you are here to bring?

To understand who you are so that you can finally shed who you are not?

To understand what the heck is going on for you at a deeper level?

As a psychic intuitive channel and astrologer, I combine multiple frameworks for self understanding with multidimensional insight. Before we meet, I tune into your field to get a feel for where we are going . We open the container with a potent meditation and you are invited to set an intention to guide our experience.

We explore your blueprint through Dreamspell Mayan astrology - which locates you in space/time and reveals your soul gifts, archetypal learnings and offerings this lifetime, along with Human Design Analysis - which provides the operating manual for your incredibly specific and unique human avatar. You are a Human and a Soul, we explore both aspects of your alchemical being equally and as we uncover, you gain greater permission to show up in all your authenticity, understanding who you are and who you are not.  

Following decoding your astrology, we dive into the cards where you are invited to ask two questions of your choosing. Perhaps you'd like greater insight into a relationship, receive guidance about your career or explore your options at a crossroads. You receive a 6 card spread per question. 

We are working deeply in this session and often big feelings can be stirred as we touch upon truths, the validation we've never received may land through this self understanding, or the cosmic code behind a difficult situation may reveal itself. I deliver all insight with ultimate love and tenderness. You are completely permitted and held to move through any emotion that surfaces through our meeting. I've got you love. And I'm rooting for you in every way.

£111 for a 2 hour, recorded meeting through Zoom and follow up guidance.

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"My Mayan Astrology & Intuitive Session was beyond my wildest expectations! Jyoti held such a strong and loving space, her capacity to channel with grounded clarity mixed with her deep knowledge was profoundly impactful for me. I can't wait for my next session" - Marisa, USA

"My reading with Jyoti was really powerful. I love the way she uses language and how digestible her channeled knowing is, as she delivers her insights. Her depth of knowledge feels vast and I felt so held in her presence. I find what she brings to be really unique and I've had a lot of readings in my time! There's something fresh about both her methods, her perspective and the way she shows up and guides you. The reading catalysed a lot within me and has allowed me to really deepen into new levels of permission about where I'm at and where I'm going. I can't recommend her enough. Just being in her presence creates shifts. And she leads with a depth of integrity that really is a huge gift to this world." - Meesh, UK



Energy Healing Sessions

Come and relax into the softness, allow me to detangle your energetic field

I work intuitively on your physical, emotional and energetic bodies

In a safe container where all is permitted to move and release

To soothe, reconnect and expand your being

And bring that sparkle back to your step


This offering can be delivered through Zoom or in person in Bradford, West Yorkshire - BD1

Working in alignment with Covid/lockdown restrictions


One to One Women's Retreats - Online and In Person

This offering is about creating a glorious space for you to drop into receiving.  Each retreat is personally crafted and luxurious. A temple space created for your human self to rest and your soul to purrrr back to life. I am guided by the Goddess to hold, tweak, love shower and initiate you into a new level of self.


Whether you’d like to train in Reiki or Sekhem, be initiated into the women’s mysteries, dive deep to detangle your personal history, activate dormant potential or be pampered to the heavens, I am here to serve you. We co-create the experience your being is calling out for.

Journeying one to one, I am completely attuned to your field and your needs . You are off duty in every way, it's your time to receive. I create a  beautiful and strong container for you to unravel and receive the medicine you need.

If we journey in person, you stay in beautiful self contained accommodation in various locations across the UK and beyond.  You receive sweet solitude and space for rest around our program, to dive into self and receive the energy of the land, upgrading, integrating and remembering.








The Retreat Menu

Potential offerings to be woven into our time together

*Reiki and Sekhem Training Ceremonies* (Level 1 – Master, full day per level)

*Sacred Site Activations* (Full day)

*Burn It, Ground It, Breathe It, Flow With It* (Full day)

*Opening to Channel* (Full day)

*Womb and Voice Activation* (Full day)

*Healing Grief* (Full day)

*Dreamspell Calendar 101* (Full day)

*Creative Playtime* (Half day)

*5Elements Dance Activation* (2 hours) 

*Intuitive Channelling* (1 hour)

*Astrology Reading* (1 hour) 

*EFT Coaching Session* (1 hour)

*Energy Healing Treatment* (1 hour) 

*Sonic Healing Sound Voyage* (1 hour)

*Cord Cutting Ceremony* (2 hours)

*Aura Repair Session* (1 hour)

*Aromatherapy Massage* (1 hour)

*Guided Meditation* (30 mins)

*Shamanic Drum Journey* (45 mins)

Prices start start from £500 for in person retreats

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