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For the past few months, I have had the cosmic nudge to get to know the energy of essential oils and Bach flower remedies to discover which match the vibrational essence of each Mayan sign.

This range is the result of my study, intuition and creativity! I am buzzing to birth it.


I have created 20 different scent blends of Smudge Sprays,

Bath Salts and Healing Balm/Perfumes, for the 20 different

Mayan archetypes

Smudge Spray: An 80ml smudge spray - Reiki & Sekhem + crystal infused water, combined with a secret blend of oils and Bach Flower remedies - recipe available on request (£8 + PP) 

Bath Salts: A 200g pouch of bath salts - Epsom salts + bicarb, combined with a secret blend of oils and Bach Flower remedies  (£5 + PP)

Healing Balm/Perfume: A 41ml pot of healing balm - raw, organic coconut oil with a secret blend of oils and Bach Flower remedies (£8 + PP)


The products illuminate and enhance the characteristics

of each Mayan sign using a specific blend of

3-4 essential oils and a Bach flower essence,

supporting you to connect on a deeper level to it’s

energy formation.


The range be used in the following (exciting!!!) ways:


Mayan birth signature: Let’s say you check out your Mayan sign and you’re a White Wind. You can use the White Wind bath salts, balm and smudge spray constantly to keep in alignment with your true nature. This is also great as a present for people!!


Wavespells: You can purchase the products for each wavespell to soak, massage and smudge the essence deeeeep into your soul to support you to get the most out of each 13 day cycle.


Intuition: Got something going on? Let your intuition guide you to the Mayan archetype most suitable to guide you through your challenge and let its vibration rejiggle you back into alignment with your essence.


You can buy the products individually or as a “Sign Bundle.”

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Read on for more information about the energy of each sign and flavour...



Dragon is the energy of the Cosmic Mother, calling us to rebirth our primal connection to source and work on our issues around dependence and codependence.

This oil blend soothes and opens sacred protection and anti-inflammmation, calling in ancient magic and trust.


Wind is the energy of Sacred Breath, allowing life’s rich scent to be expressed through us, calling us to work on our fears around separation and alienation.

This oil blend opens the breath, calling in the wisdomof the ancient rhythm of wholeness and individuality, acceptance and release,to lift our spirits and help us flow.


Night is the energy of the Watery Subconscious, where all is birthed and created, calling us to release self-deprecating patterns and dream a new conscious dream.

This oil blend stimulates enlightened thought, soothing and relieving old patterns and to empower change.


Seed is the energy of New Life, calling us to move through the darkness of insecurity and safety to blossom past our comfort zone and into our potential.

This ancient oil blend welcomes sweet meditative awareness, to imagine possibility and tenderly protect newness.


Serpent is the energy of Awakening, kundalini activation and ego shedding that calls in full power embodiment of our multidimensional self.

This oil blend stimulates the system to awaken and drop into ancient states of awareness and being.


Worldbridger is the energy of Deaththat moves us from one way of being into another, calling in releaseof control and depression so that we can access new worlds available within our reality.

This oil blend calls in spicy clarity of vision, stimulating awakened attention into sacred release and surrender.


Hand is the energy of Emotion, a gateway into feeling which calls us to release our fears of inadequacy and step into discipline and commitment to reach our potential.

This oil blend is quenches our thirst for depth, stimulating our feelings and desire for sacred, ancient connection to life through our emotional presence.


Star is the energy of Empowered Individuality, calling us to release self doubt and step into the harmony of the chorus created when all sing their individual song.

This oil blend supports us to drop into sweet ancient awareness, the crisp bliss of stimulated, authentic being.


Moon is the energy of Divine Femininity, calling us to purify our rigidity and control, surrendering to the flow that always carries us to where we need to be (perhaps not where we plan to be).

This oil blend supports our awareness to awaken, protecting us and guiding us to let go into tender stimulation and openness. 


Dog is the energy of Unconditional Love, calling us to release our attachments and addiction to drama, especially with our birth tribe, letting go of expectations of others and stepping into new ways of relating.

This oil blend creates sacred space, helping us to see things clearly and protecting us from external influences so we become empowered from within.


Monkey is the energy of the Divine Child, calling us to balance being responsible for ourselves and taking life with a pinch of salt, supporting us to heal the unmet needs of our inner child and step into a playful approach to reality navigation. 

This oil blend is a playful mix of stimulation, breath and fresh, sweet awareness, supporting us to drop connected presence, ready to respond from the heart. 


Human is the energy of our multi-faceted Humanness, calling us to release notions of lack, fear and limitation so that we can step into the abundance that we have the power to choose to align with.

This oil blend is a stimulating, brightening and inspiring mix of warming protection, inviting us to step into the awakened state of empowered creator.


Skywalker is the energy of the Messenger of the Heavens, calling us to release fears of our growth edges and empowering us to listen to the divine clues, leading us to channel our own heaven on earth.

This oil blend enchants us with spices from the East, soothing and comforting with delicate, relaxation and calls in the dreamy energy of awakening.


Wizard is the energy of the Magician, highlighting our desire for control and battles of power, alchemising us into the integrity of our heart and aligning us with Divine Will.

This oil blend delivers a sweet, fresh, stimulating mix to sharpen our awareness, offering clarity and a bridge to integrity.


Eagle is the energy of Bigger Picture awareness, calling us to release our despair and need to be saviour, so that we can hold our heart vision strong and do what it takes for our bigger picture, trusting that the Creator has a bigger picture that we cannot see.

This oil blend provides a sweet, relaxing and sacred tone inviting us into ancient surrender where we see clearly and trust that all is exactly as it should be.


Warrior is the energy of the Spiritual Warrior, calling us to surrender victimhood and to transform the bumps of our life path into medicine, for ourselves and others.

This oil blend softens heavy emotions, opening the airways to breathe in bright and playful energy to offer a spring in the step in the face of adversity.


Earth is the energy of Grounding, supporting us to let go of falsehood and anchor our essence into our body and our planet, honing ancient senses of reality navigation.

This oil blend tenderly stimulates the system to settle and drop inward, opening to ancient, magical energies and presence.


Mirror is the energy of the Mirror of Reality, reflecting our internal beliefs on the outer world, highlighting our projections, shadows and cutting through illusions to support us to align with truth.

This oil blend cleanly cuts through blockages to enable full, sacred breath, soothing us to feel safe to see the truth and act from that space of openhearted awareness.


Storm is the energy of Transformation, calling us to release our fears of intimacy and lean in when all seems to be in chaos, leading us to our centre to create internal stability.

This oil blend stimulates our senses into sweetness, calming us into settled awareness where we can anchor into our centre. 


Sun is the energy of Integration, highlighting the elements of us that have been cast out and guiding us to gather up our soul fragments and build bridges of unconditional love between all our parts.

This oil blend offers ancient, magical protection, strength and comfort to face the parts we’d rather not see and transform our awareness to see darkness as the absence of love, that we have the power to rectify.