September 21, 2017

The river talks to me in so many different ways

Each day, a different message whilst looking at the same scene

Who knows how...

A million different currents 

Whizzing around in different directions

A pool of deep stillness and reverence

Alongside jagged parts sticking up out...

September 7, 2017

I feel so amazing

That moment when you've just defeated an end of level baddie

As a good friend used to call it

And you then have all this space again

It's as if you're hearing and experiencing music for the first time

As if you're experiencing the Divinity of everything on...

July 6, 2017

My heart was crying so deeply

And I just couldn't hear

The energy was to scatty, too loud, too intense

The overachiever within was praised from all angles

Awards coming left, right and center for academic and entrepreneurial successes

But what about my soul?


June 24, 2017

I feel reborn 


I have been through a Death process

I ventured into my personal Underworld yet again

And returned, retuned with Shining Eyes

My Homeopath gave me a remedy

And on Day 1 of the current wavespell

The Transformation Gateway

Blue Hand

I began my descent


June 4, 2017

This blog is written from my personal perspective

My opinions are my own

And may not be the ones you hold

But I feel to share and so here we are

Today I awoke feeling triggered

Last night I had numerous issues from my personal history bubble up

It was a blue monkey energy ye...

June 2, 2017

Today is White Planetary Dog in Mayan astrology

So let's break it down,

White in this framework is all about refinement ~ attention to detail

It follows Red ~ which is the initiation.

And what can we say about the Dog?

Loyalty and unconditional love


And trainabl...

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