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Here's a refresher of the services on offer:


Mayan Astrology: A heart rooting reading exploring your Mayan Astrology chart (£33) 

Human Design:  A  full power reading exploring your Human Design chart (£33)

SuperPower Sigil: A personal power symbol birthed from your astrological identity - includes a PDF explaining the astro elements of the symbol and an MP3 meditation journey to activate the symbol (£33) 

Poetry Drip: A page of power poetry, channelled especially for you, to guide and love and support (£33)

Readings take 1-2 weeks following payment.

You can book readings directly through my Etsy shop here


EFT: Singular sessions of EFT (60 mins) - in person or over video call (£33)

Coaching Packages

6 sessions of full power personal coaching to shine up yourself and claim your dreams

Life Pie: Upgrading All Areas of Life: Exercise, Spirituality, Romance, Friendships, Work and Play

Dream Weave: Clarity, Visioning, Rewiring and Aligning to Our Hearts Calling

Creativity: Letting Go of the Limiting Leash on Your Inner Artist

All packages include a free consultation and are £222. Once you have indicated interest, we will organise a suitable time for our meeting.

More information about coaching packages can be found here


Individual Sessions: A nourishing 1 hour in person ceremonial treatment, combining Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki) and traditional Reiki, channelled Galactic and ancient Celtic energy healing techniques (£33)

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training: Full days of ceremony, tribe, training and attunement to the wonderful Reiki energy (£122 -£133). 

More information about Reiki treatments and training can be found here


Regular events: Reiki share, Wavespell Meets, Women's circles, enquire below about dates (£5)

Healing from Abortion online course: Click here for more details (£33)

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