Psychic Astrology Services


I absolutely love astrology, I've been studying Dreamspell (Galactic Mayan) astrology and Human Design Analysis

for many years and a decade of working with energy has honed my skills as an intuitive channel. 


I share a lot on my Youtube channel here

I am superrrr sensitive and used to think it was a curse but now see it's one of my greatest gifts.


I use astrological systems as a framework for us both to have a rich perspective of

your multidimensional beanie being. I then read and interpret energy and guidance

from the subtler realms to give you the nudge, cuddle
and advice the energy wants to provide.


Below you'll find the different types of readings I offer, if you're more interested in coaching - check it here

Gain insights about current circumstances and advice about decision making

Understand how you best operate in business and what you need in order to thrive

Astrologically map relationships to take a deeper look at the energy signatures

Get to know yourself and give yourself greater permission to step into your POWER

Reading Types



What is channeling?

When channeling, “I” get out of the way and allow information to run through my system and be communicated to you. That’s all I know ;) And it’s pretty spot on!

How does astrology work?

Our ancestors spent lifetimes studying the movements of the universe and recognised the patterns of the sky matched the behaviours of the humans. The time and place of your birth determine the energy that was present when you beamed in and therefore what you beam out into the world.

What makes these readings different?

Combining Mayan astrology with Human Design provides insights into the depths of the soul mission and how this can then be translated into practical, 3D living.

What do I need to provide?

For all readings, a birth place, time and date are essential.

What should I expect?

The unexpected! I did a reading once for an ex RAF guy that I think was just humoring me, his Grandfather came through to him and he shifted a burden he’d been carrying since childhood. It might be that you don’t resonate with what is being said, I’m merely a messenger. If you can, just be open and see what happens.

How soon can I book?

You can book right now and the report will be with you within 1 week. 

Can I gift to a friend?

Of course, just make sure you have their correct birth details and put me in contact with them.