Freedom Technique

I’m here to be your cheerleader and support you to ignite and step into the power that is your birthright.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) is a tool which combines NLP and the utilisation of the meridian system to clear out limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind. No matter how much we want things to change in our lives, these changes can only happen when we clear out the limiting beliefs we hold inside. 

For example, if I had a father who was emotionally unavailable, this may have created a belief within me that I am "too much" emotionally. I then attract relationships into my life where I am labelled as "needy" or "too much." The universe is mirroring my internal beliefs. 

Using EFT, I can rewrite the belief that says I am too much and manifest a relationship with an available person that accepts me exactly as I am.

Individual sessions of EFT are available in person in Hebden Bridge or
through video call anywhere in the world.


A 60 minute session is £33

Contact me to organise a suitable date for us both....



Scrumptious 6 Pack

Coaching Packages

Exploration of who you are astrologically

Powerful shadow transformation tools

Magical manifestation mindset techniques

you as a buzzing magnet for what you want!

If you really want to integrate change, my experience has demonstrated that

6 regular sessions allow us to build strong foundations into your life.

We will meet every wavespell (13 days), online for

1 hour for a full power transformation session.  


Combining shadow transformation, astrology and manifestation techniques, we will create change from the inside out. 

Clearing out our limiting beliefs is key with my approach. I truly believe our dreams are possible and are waiting to be actualised, and having someone to cheer us on when things "come up" can really help us to transform as opposed to sabotage. Investing in coaching sets a strong foundation for the changes you want to see in your life and you will walk away with techniques that you can use forever.

All coaching packages are £222 and include a free consultation.


What is coaching?

A coach is a person who's skillset can empower you to step into the centre of your life. They support you to make plans, take action, get clear, heal, manifest or whatever it is that you desire to do. A coach holds you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself and is someone you can fall back on when you wobble or hit a block, so that you can move through that internal forest and achieve all that you dream of.

What is shadow work?

The shadow refers to our hidden default operating system, made up of beliefs that are held in the subconscious. The stuff that’s operating when we think we’re in control but end up with our hands in the fridge in the middle of night, the stuff that means we end up acting like a 5 year old when we argue with our spouse… Ever wondered why the changes you want to make just don't seem to work? It's not cos you are a failure, it's because you haven't changed your beliefs! Shadow work is about using tried and tested super powerful techniques to dive deep into the old beliefs that stimulate our behaviours so that we can rewire our psyche and change our life.

I’ve tried many things, what makes this different?

The combination of coaching, astrology, shadow transformation and manifestation is the formula that has worked for me (and I tried MANY things) so it might just work for you too!

How soon can I book?

You can book today and I will email you my schedule. We will then choose an appropriate time for our time together.