Go from feeling overwhelmed by the collective reality to finding alignment, ease and sparkling your true vibration into the world through


The Galactic Mayan Gateway Course for Starseeds

Saturday 24th July - Thursday 12th August 2021

(throughout the entire Lions Gate Portal)

Your sensitivity is a super power, if you know how to hone and direct it…


The Galactic Mayan Calendar (Dreamspell) is a navigation map for our entire internal and external reality, and by the end of this course, you will understand how to utilise this galactic wisdom to live life ON FIRE - consciously evolving, living from your heart and embodying your highest expression.









If you’re a Starseed


You already know that you’re here to support the earth and embody your star self but you might struggle to make it happen

Do you find yourself...

Finding it hard to maintain your frequency?

Ever had a few days of feeling really aligned and alive and then crashing? Or feeling really ‘in your flow’ but then kicked out of it and unsure what happened? Maybe you then internalise this and think that there must be something you’re getting wrong…


Struggling to make your soul business come to life?

You know you’re a cosmic bean and here to be a helper but maybe you find it difficult to formulate or identify exactly what it is that you’re here to help with, which then leads you to going back into hiding mode. Or maybe you know exactly what to offer but you just can’t seem to find the ‘right moment’ to dive in...

Getting lost in projections?

Do you struggle to figure out the learning within your relationships sometimes? You might take epic responsibility but then come out of the whirlwind of conflict not quite sure what happened. ‘Is it them? Is it me? Is this about boundaries? Or forgiveness?’

Feeling limited by the reality around you?

Do you sometimes look at the world (or your birth family) and think ‘what the fuck is going on here?!’ Does this then lead to you feeling sadness, resentment or loneliness?





Now imagine how you’d feel if you were able to see the bigger picture of every experience



The Galactic Mayan calendar (Dreamspell) reveals the ‘waves’ of energy affecting the planet and our experiences every single day. It’s the cosmic weather forecast and we can use it to understand everything in our reality and plan or respond accordingly.



The Galactic Mayan Gateway course will help you to navigate your life, understanding the optimum time for action, rest and reflection. 


You’ll embody a new frequency code of time and “get” reality at a whole new level. You’ll be taught how to ‘decode’ your own Mayan sign and cycles, supporting you to truly understand what you’re here to bring to the earth and what you’re here to evolve.


 You’ll learn to understand the energy of the people you are in relationship with and the teachings within your interactions, along with new tools to navigate triggers and feel safe in your super sensitive, human vessel.


You’ll gain an understanding of the Earth in relation to the Galaxy and our cosmic history too.

 And - you’ll be sharing the journey with a gang of other star seed humans; who knows who you’ll be reconnecting with ;)








I’ve taken everything I've learned from 8 years personally developing and attuning through the Galactic Mayan Calendar to create a course that will take you from feeling disconnected and limited in this dimension to living FULL POWER with more space, clarity and alignment in your life, relationships, and mission.

The Galactic Mayan Gateway isn’t so much information sharing as it is a frequency upgrade and initiation to a whole new way of navigating reality


During the Lions Gate portal, we are jumping onto an etheric spaceship for 20 days of transmissions, dance and movement ceremonies, energetic upgrades and physical experiences.


We’ll build from basic to advanced understandings of the Galactic Mayan Calendar and how to use this time frequency to level up as individuals, in our relationships and our businesses/missions to operate at full capacity.


We will explore all things Sirius and grid into the astronomy of our galaxy. And we will learn how to work with our human vessels so that we can truly attune with and hold the galactic frequency on the planet.



The end result?

Your internal operating system will be attuned to the stars as you find Home within your body, with other starseed brothers and sisters. Witness your life, relationships and business harmonise as you attune to REAL TIME, whilst you  kick back and bask in the Galactic Sunshine...







is the first course of its kind that…



Brings the Calendar INTO the Body

All this Galactic insight can be a lot to take in which can lead to a seriously frazzled brain. Every few days we will be utilising our bodies in a movement ceremony to dance the archetypes through our biology. We bring the information through psychologically, energetically, spiritually and physically.  



Allows You to Ask Questions

Every few days we will also be gathering together for a Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to iron out or dive deeper into the aspects of the course presented.



Bridges the Human and the Galactic

A lot of the literature and teaching about the Galactic Mayan Calendar uses really complicated language, this course makes it easy for your Human self to grid into without diluting the potency of the vibration or transmission.


Here’s how it all breaks down… 


The Basics of the Galactic Mayan Calendar

13:20 frequency - time as a dimension

Daykeepers & Archetypes



GAP days

Embodying the wisdom




Using the Calendar to Navigate the Self

The Galactic implication of the Solar Plexus

Clearing trauma patterns, personally and collectively

Soothing the nervous system with insight

Rewiring the human, rewiring the energy




Galactic Astronomy

Where we are in the Milky Way

Grand cycles of alignment

Star toroid’s and their effect on the Earth




Using the Calendar to Navigate Relationships

Who ‘they’ are & what ‘they’ bring

Combined signs

The harmonisation principle




The Sirius Connection

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Maya

The Dogons




Using the Calendar to Navigate Business

Time navigation

Aligned action

Intention setting

Utilising portals


Though I could charge way more, The Galactic Mayan Gateway Course is available for £200 as I want to keep the doors accessible for as many people as possible. This wisdom is ready to rebirth on the Planet. 



Full Price

One Payment of £200

Save £55



Affordable Payments

  3 Payments of £85

Pay in monthly instalments


Who’s behind The Galactic Mayan Gateway Course?

Jyoti is a playful, insightful and heart led Galactic Mayan Calendar astrologer and channel. She’s been living through the frequency of the Dreamspell since 2014 and part of her mission is to translate complexity and support others to access the magic of galactic time through courses, events and her wavespell reports on Youtube.

Jyoti is also a Sekhem Master, initiating people into the Ancient Egyptian, Priestess lineage of energy healing from Sirius. She teaches this, alongside Reiki from her personal temple space in the North of England, where she also works as a therapist, utilising Emotional Freedom Technique as a human reprogramming tool.


She has over a decade of experience with energy healing modalities and adventures barefoot all over the planet in deep devotion and service to the Gaia and her Galactic ancestry, with her Sirius allies at her side.






There’s never been a better time to embody Galactic Wisdom



The Ancients understood and harnessed the power of the Sirius energies that beam through the Lion’s Gate portal. Our course runs throughout this potent time. 


The new cycle of the Galactic Mayan calendar also initiates during the course - we will enter into the third (ALCHEMY) year of the 13 year process we are in as a collective, with our channels fully attuned to the Galactic frequency







-  Is ready to embody the Mayan Calendar and live GALACTICALLY

-  Wants to know themselves at deeper and deeper levels

-  Is tired of having to hide their inner alien and ready to find a new tribe

-  Is eager to step up into full service and be the person they came to be, part of the New Earth




-  Are happy playing it small and not being themselves

-  Are settled feeling overwhelmed by the energetics of the planet

-  Aren’t ready to work on their human being in order to embody their soul

-  Fits within the 3D world and has no desire to heighten the vibration






Q: What if I can’t afford the course/program? 

A: There is a payment plan option, if this doesn’t suit you then please get in touch to discuss


Q: Do I need to sign up for this right now?

A: YES! The earlier you commit to the process, the earlier you’ll start attuning to the cosmic vibration and reaping all the magic that comes with it


Q: What if I’m too busy to finish the course/program? 

A: The beauty of the delivery is that you can either move through the content with the group, or in your own time and space. You will have lifetime access to the content.


Q: I’m not sure I’m ready for this course, how will I know? 

A: You’ve landed on this page for a reason ;)


Q: How will I access the course/program? 

A: For the 20 days we are journeying together, you will receive a daily email with the day’s content, linking you to video transmissions with details for zoom for real time ceremonies and Q&A sessions. You will also have access to a group on facebook to share with like minded souls.


Q: Do I get 1:1 support? 

A: No but personal coaching is on offer for an additional fee if you’d like to dive deeper into your own process with me. Get in touch for more details about that. The group will be held attentively throughout the process though, and the Q&A sessions will offer extra support in response to the groups desires.



This is OUR TIME fellow Starseeds. You know we came for a purpose and we’ve had all the bloody underworld initiations to prepare us. 

Now is the moment for us to EMBODY our true selves.

The old world is over!! And we came to build the New Earth.

This course will support you to navigate your path through the rebirth and dance your way in the Golden Age

Sign up today for the Galactic Mayan Gateway and get…

  • 6 modules of potent Galactic wisdom

  • 6 (!) cacao & dance ceremonies (through zoom)

  • 20 days of transmissions and learnings

  • Numerous Q&A sessions to support you

  • A potent container with your star seed soul family 

  • A huge upgrade to new ways of navigating life


But most importantly, you’ll walk away from the course feeling empowered, embodied and ready to light up the world with your true expression





What are you waiting for?


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