Healing from Abortion

Online Course

25th October - 6th November 2019

Red Serpent Wavespell

Join us for 13 days of reclamation, forgiveness and soul honouring following the trauma of abortion, using insight, shadow transformation and the sacred power of ceremony, in a safely held space with others that understand.


£33 energy exchange for the full program

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Red Magnetic Serpent - Friday 25th October

We initiate the course on the first day of the most potent wavespell of the entire process.

Red Serpent is about shedding and activation.

Today you will receive a workbook for the course which will be added to each day as we move through our 13 day journey of healing together. We will lay the foundations in the first video and you will also be invited to join a whatsapp group which will be available for the duration of the course.

The first zoom session will take place to open space and set the energy of our container. All zoom sessions are not essential to attend but are recorded and emailed to you.

White Lunar Worldbridger – Saturday 26th October

Today, in the lunar tone which embodies the death of old worlds, we open to and explore all the challenges that manifested for us personally around our abortion. From the conflict we felt inside, to conflicts outside of ourselves and the feelings we are still carrying around with us now.


Blue Electric Hand – Sunday 27th October

The third day of the process is the first alchemy gateway. I introduce and guide an EFT tapping session about abortion in today’s video instalment, which you can then use to get specific to clear the feelings you explored and uncovered yesterday, personal to you.


Yellow Self-Existing Star – Monday 28th October

The self-existing tone is about the structure, the star is about the essence of self, today we will explore the structure of our selfhood, uncovering the guilt and shame around our abortion from the opinions of those outside of ourselves and come into a space of balance where we honour our decision.


Red Overtone Moon – Tuesday 29th October

We meet once more on Zoom focusing on body clearing. I lead a womb clearing session, providing space to listen to anything your womb would like to share, before shamanically clearing any stagnant energy or trauma held resulting from the abortion in order to spark a new and loving relationship between you and the temple within your yoni.


White Rhythmic Dog – Wednesday 30th October

Today’s energy is all about unconditional love. I introduce a self love ceremony, that you can do in a time and place that feels sacred and significant for you. Where you can begin to forgive and integrate any parts of yourself still isolated from the whole as a result of your abortion.


Blue Resonant Monkey – Thursday 31st October

Blue Monkey is the Divine Child so in today’s video we are focusing on the spirit of the baby who was not born. We connect deeply to their spirit and allow ourselves to honour them and the contract we had with them, give and receive love before closing off the energy of our relationship with a ritual.


Yellow Galactic Human – Friday 1st November

Though we may have never had another child, each person embodies the Mother archetype and today we will call forth the energy of the Mother within us. This archetype is an essential part of being a human but due to our experience with abortion, we may have cast out the Mother within. 


Red Solar Skywalker – Saturday 2nd November

Today is the gateway of the serpent wavespell, the skywalker shows us how we bring heaven to earth. We will meet on zoom for a self forgiveness ritual. We call in the power of the fire to burn and the power of water to soothe before we rest on the earth and have the wind gentle transport us to our upgraded self. 


White Planetary Wizard – Sunday 3rd November

The planetary tone is the 10thstep, where we once more alchemise and ground, calling in our highest expression. Today we are guided to witness the fruits on offer when we flip the script. We are invited to discover the medicine created from our experience of abortion.


Blue Spectral Eagle – Monday 4th November

In today’s video, we explore the role of the father. Our own father, the father of the child that was not born and the father within us. The spectral tone is all about release and shedding, and the eagle is about the bigger picture. We are working with the distorted codes of the old patriarchy and these building blocks weave into our individual experience. 


Yellow Crystal Warrior – Tuesday 5th November

The warrior is about how our experiences craft our mastery. Abortion as an experience is horrendous, therefore ripe to be transformed into mastery. We explore honoring the self, our needs and desires and understand how our wound is our power and the path of the peaceful warrior. 


Red Cosmic Earth – Wednesday 6th November

This final day of the wavespell and our healing journey together is grounded with a video that helps us to weave our learning, and guides us with aftercare suggestions. We then celebrate all that we have moved through with a closing ceremony through zoom. 


Everything within the course is optional, the

content is emailed to you each day (lifetime access).


If you would like to do the course with the group

throughout the wavespell, you are invited to live 

zoom sessions which are recorded and emailed the

following day and a WhatsApp group which will

open the first day of the course and close on the final day.

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