Dance Medicine, Vocal Activation & Ceremonial Initiation

Our beautiful retreat centre in the Lake District offers initiations into the Feminine Mysteries and teacher training immersions for Reiki and Sekhem.


Conscious Coaching for Evolving Women


Are you ready to find your sacred, untamed expression of self?

Connect deeply to your womb, your body and your truth?

To wiggle out of that old skin, take up space and say YES to life?

You are a powerful being, here to birth the new world of soul embodiment, and it’s time you gave yourself permission to act like it! You came to take up space, to make an impact, to break the patterns that have held your ancestors back from their dreams.


As a coach, I join the invisible threads of your personal history so that you can forever clear patterns of limitation and lack. As we work together, I connect to your energy body and read between the lines, I momentarily see life through your eyes and so I know exactly where we need to go in order to heal. I hold you safely and securely in a vessel of unconditional love, allowing the denser energies in your field to be cleansed and transformed. I dig, question and push you to discover truth and break through illusions. I hold space for your tears and support you to make the space in your life for your biggest, boldest version of self. I help you to realise your medicine and support you to feel brave enough to claim it.


Over the 6 sessions offered in the online coaching package, your vibration will level up.

We dive deep, rewire and clear with ease and grace.

We explore your subconscious mind, where we meet and befriend the inner child,

allowing them to release their burdens and trauma.

As your historic pain integrates, alignment harmonises and

you create space to LIVE, embodying your soul and your truth,

claiming the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Dreamspell Mayan & Human Design Oracle Readings

Are you aching to understand how to best step forward in life?

To discover your soul gifts and the medicine you are here to bring?

To understand who you are so that you can finally shed who you are not?

During readings, I provide a doorway into self. As a channel, I combine potent astrology with multi-dimensional perception.

I read your chart, your field and deliver messages from the Akashic Records.

Creating a foundation of understanding through Dreamspell Mayan and Human Design astrological systems, we explore your Humanity and your Divinity – the alchemical being that you are. I then open my channel and deliver messages from the Universal Soul. You are welcome to ask questions and guide this aspect of the offering.

The session helps you to understand your unique nature, offers guidance about how to step forward in the world and provides an understanding of your soul gifts and yearnings.

We meet together online, in sacred space for around one hour.

The session is recorded and emailed to you, for you to keep forever.

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Voyages of Sound and Frequency Healing

I invite you on a voyage of frequency healing through a channeled sound journey

brought through specifically for you


I enter into your energy field in ceremonial space, harmonising frequencies through my voice, sacred drum and crystal bowls, calling all aspects of your being Home. I sing the language of the Heart, channeling the natural world, the angelic realms, our spirit guides and highest aspects, to support you to remember your Soul Song. Working with your energy bodies, your chakras are brought into balance so your true vibrational being has the space to breathe through your being, providing deep healing, insights and the opportunity to anchor a new level of embodiment.


I share this medicine with you through Zoom.

We connect online for an hour in sacred space.

You get snuggled up with your headphones and our journey begins.

The session is recorded and emailed to you, for you to keep forever.