Hello, I'm Jyoti

And I'm somewhat of an expert when it comes to alternative schooling.


I know lots about the various kinds of alternative schools that are out there and can find the perfect fit for your family. I understand the ins and outs of homeschooling and unschooling so we can explore what that might look like in your home and if it feels like what you want to pursue, I can support you every step of the way. I can even help you set up your own school if that tickles your fancy :)


I'm also a pretty rad therapist and work deeply with the Galactic Mayan calendar. I hold really beautiful spaces for people to dismantle the conditioning they've received as a result of personal trauma and the society they were raised within. I help people to feel safe and free in their body, their relationships and their existence. I empower people to create a life from the inside out, that reflects who they really are when all the distortions cease. 


Scroll down to see my offerings and creations, thanks for swinging by!



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Are you scratching your noggin and wondering what to do about school?

Maybe you don't believe in mainstream education, but don't really know what else is out there for your kids

Perhaps you're already doing things a bit differently and want a bit more inspiration

Or do you just know that something needs to change within education?

'What to do about School' started as a postgraduate research paper exploring self directed education, play and how human beings learn. After a few years of heart work, it was transformed into an inspiring handbook to support parents, teachers and passionate people like YOU make informed decisions about how we educate young people.

I spent a decade travelling the world and accidentally visiting radical and phenomenal schools wherever I landed. From Goa, to Bali, Sydney, to Los Angeles and all across the UK - I learned from some very special people creating waves of change in education and dived deeply into the minds of incredible academic theorists that think in and outside of the box. 

The book is a translation of my formal and informal research woven together with my experiences as a playworker, support worker, Steiner/Waldorf teacher and a travelling, self reflective human being. The writing spans many realms, from politics to sociology, to history, education and play theory, empowering you to know what really matters when we're deciding how to meet young people's needs and prepare them for grown up life in the modern world.


If you're already wondering what to do about school, this book will inspire you, expand your perspectives and reveal the important elements to consider, in order to provide what children need and deserve - the most awesome education possible.




I'm here to help you step forward with your children's education

Feeling centred, clear and informed

I can support you:

If you're in the process of deciding what to do about schools and education

If you are having challenges with mainstream schooling

If you are homeschooling

If you are unschooling

If you want to start a school or centre

Though I specialise in self-directed learning and unschooling

My knowledge spans many fields and I know that every human - including every child


I'm here to help you identify and meet those unique needs

Whilst also identifying and meeting your own

I have 3 packages on offer:

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12 week container

For families just starting out with homeschooling (or those wanting to re-establish what they are doing)


We meet weekly online to co-create a strong foundation for what education is going to look like in your home. We explore different approaches to homeschooling and find the perfect fit, focusing on the needs of your child(ren) in terms of structure, routine, pedagogy and curriculum. I support you to understand the logistics and relevant legislation about homeschooling, and whats available for you to access in your local area. Along with gaining an understanding of how to meet the needs of different aged children simultaneously, you'll receive lots of inspiration for what a week might look like.


We also focus on you, your needs, boundaries, communication and fears, utilising shadow work and mind set techniques to support you to feel clear, centred and supported.

These 12 weeks are about creating the outer and inner structures needed to create the perfect home environment for the whole family to learn, grow and play together.


(or £250 per month for 6 months)

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One year ongoing support

Long term support for homeschooling families


We meet fortnightly for online 'supervisions' to support you to stay grounded, maintain your boundaries, develop knowledge, manage self care and avoid burnout, process concerns, identify blind spots, explore dilemmas and try new techniques - supporting you to develop self trust and become an independent and reflective home educator. Maintaining your clarity and centre is key and we will utilise shadow work techniques to release anything from the past (perhaps your experiences at school, or with your parents) that is influencing what is unfolding in your home.

Alongside this and everything mentioned in the 'Sprouting' package, I am able to train you in multiple education philosophies and practices, with regular curriculum and activity inspiration and ideas, signposting you to provisions in the area and keeping you up to date with relevant news and legislation. I can also offer guidance around external tutors and examinations if that is the path your young person desires to go down, as well as finding homeschooling networks and community for both them and you. Whatever you need in regard to homeschooling, I'm here with you.

I support you practically, emotionally and psychologically for a whole year, to create the best environment for all the family to flourish. Whether you are following a traditional curriculum, getting creative, or unschooling, being with your children most of the time is a huge task. This container offers you a space to discharge and recharge, keeping your being aligned with your vision and values, so that you can have balanced relationships and offer the richest homeschooling environment possible.


(Or £350 per month for 12 months)

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1 week in person 'set up' intensive

For groups desiring to set up alternative schools or homeschooling clusters


Following a consultation, I design a week long, in person, bespoke training package to meet the needs of your project. As is the case with all of my offerings, I focus on the foundations.


We start with mindset work to identify and overcome any obstacles residing in the internal worlds, alongside integrating systems to support you to work as a team to bring the vision into fruition. We consult with the young people accessing the project, to ensure you are building around their wants and needs.


We get clear about what it is you are doing and why and then you are guided through the process of establishing your homeschooling cluster/alternative school.


Content may include; pedagogy and curriculum, additional needs, sourcing workshop providers, staff training and ratios, finances & budgeting, legalities and legislation, insurance, establishing school culture, boundaries, decision making, conflict resolution, social media, relationships with parents, advertisement, premises and funding, alongside anything else that is appropriate to your specific project.

This package is a deep, playful, informative, inspiring training course, catering precisely to your needs. You will complete it with a map to actualising your project, having considered all aspects, knowing exactly what your next steps are, harmonised as a team and ready to build.


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One hour online consultancy sessions 

If you'd just like some general advice - maybe you're considering homeschooling or a young person in your care is struggling with mainstream and you're looking for alternatives, I offer one hour consults.

I can signpost you to other services, share advice and expertise or just hold you!

£100 per hour


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Alongside my work as an alternative education visionary

I'm also a somewhat gifted personal therapist and astrologer

​I can help you to:

Understand yourself at deeper levels through astrology

Clear the charge from old traumatic experiences

Rewire your being to align with love and freedom

Get clear about your dreams and intentions

And get BIG enough to meet them







I offer a 9 week personal journey of deep transformation, in a secure vessel of unconditional love​

To clear historic pain that is looping in your reality

From each chakra, week by week, using shadow work techniques like

NLP, EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting

Discovering the unique flavour that is you using the astrological maps like the

Galactic Mayan Calendar and Human Design Analysis

So that you can heal from the past and reclaim your gifts that got lost along the way

Landing in the centre of your life and your being

To CREATE the life of your dreams


You will receive:

* 9x Powerful clearing/alignment sessions

* Resources to support your exploration & integration

* Voicenote & message support throughout the time we are journeying

* A safe place to be held, witnessed and celebrated









I work deeply and intimately as a coach

Offering only a handful of coaching spots each 'spin'

If you feel the yes

Step into the fire with me




(or 6 monthly payments of £250)

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A Little Bit About Me


I'm a salt of the earth lass from Northern England, a dedicated student of sociology, a passionate wordsmith and a deep feeling spiritual mystic.


I've been all over the world and had numerous, incredible teachers - from many kingdoms. I have dived deep into my own body & psyche, peeping under the surface of reality into the well of divinity to drink deep and make maps.

I'm here to guide, to study & transmit, supporting people as we remember how to be real humans, consciously creating and living gently, dancing our prayers and celebrating the human experience.

I've spent many years consciously unravelling the conditioning I have received. I've been into my own hell and turned the light on. I've learned to be with pain and hold its hand. I've been crushed by life and I've been kissed by it. I'm always in process.

I'm fiercely dedicated to freedom - individually and collectively. I see the ways we are all unique and feel that we can and must build new systems around this. I believe that it is down to us, you and I, to change the world.


I love children. They make my soul sing and heart weep and I'm dedicated to creating change for them, in many spheres of life.


I'm a self-directed person in every way and create spaces for other people to find and listen to their inner guide. I am in love with existence and most alive when I'm barefoot in fields, dancing with people that I love.