Energy Healing

Personal Treatments

I offer 1 hour Divine Feminine energy treatments from my home

nestled in the woodland of Hebden Bridge - UK.

I combine traditional Reiki with Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki), toning and

other channelled Galactic and ancient Celtic energies.  


Sacred space, flowers, scents and heart opening relaxation, whilst your

energy system is cleansed and upgraded.




Get in touch to organise a time suitable for us both...


Level 1 & Level 2 Training Ceremonies

I teach Usui and Tibetan Reiki

With sprinklings of other systems too

I hold group trainings and individual 121 sessions

So feel into what is right for you ;)

To be initiated into Reiki is to remember ancient ways of being and relating to reality

I create and hold the entire training experience in ceremony

Ceremony is honouring the sacred

Inviting presence

And opening to divine communion

Essential building blocks often missing from modern life

This energy is EPIC

Like next level incredible


And so frickin powerful

Just like us ;)

Included in the training:


Opening to Sensitivity

Meditation Journeys

Woodland Vision Quest

Channeling Exercises

Practitioner Boundaries

Transformation Tools

Heart Opening Rituals

Galactic Mayan Astrology

Comprehensive Manuals


The way I teach is intuitive


And in alignment with sovereignty codes

This training has taken place all over the world

And is different each and every time

Depending on the constellation of souls that come together

One thing that is for certain

Is that this multi-dimensional experience

Will support you in opening up to your sensitivity

To your ability to perceive way beyond your 5 senses

Creating a vessle where you drop into deep connection

With your multidimensional self, one another, the earth and the spirit realms

And help you to remember who WE truly are

This mystery school experience

Facilitates gnosis

Heart opening

And energy channelling 

Level 1 focuses on the self and getting used to channelling energy

Level 2 focuses on sharing this energy with others, sacred symbols

of power, bending space & time and other magical practices


Each level is a standalone day workshop

But they flow gorgeously together

If you feel ready to do both levels


Level 1 is £122

Level 2 is £133

The next upcoming training's will be held in

Hebden Bridge, UK

Before the training takes place

You will receive your manuals 

To get into the zone

Get in touch for more information, to book or to 

say Ola and see if you feel our vibes match...