This online Reiki teacher training program

Will take you on a journey to discover your medicine

And dissolve what is in the way of releasing it to the world

Developing your inner trust and confidence

And providing the skills you need

To deliver powerful initiations into Reiki

You will graduate as a self assured and embodied teacher

Of Reiki and the Mystical Arts

❥ Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Certification

❥ Weekly Powerful and Immersive Training Calls

❥ Nourishing Facebook Group Container

❥ One-to-One Transformational Session with Jyoti

❥ Learning and Teaching Manuals

❥ 6 Potent Modules 


♡ Training to Teach Reiki L1, L2 & Master Levels

♡ Holding and Creating Energetic Containers

♡ Planning, Birthing and Filling Your Program

♡ Showing Up Authentically as a Teacher

♡ Metaphysics and Psychic Development

♡ Teaching from Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

♡ Learning Styles and Attuning to Your Group

♡ Utilising Your Multidimensional Support Team

♡ Practitioner Boundaries and Best Practice

♡ Vocal Activations, Somatic Movement & Embodiment

♡ Creating Ceremonial Space & Choosing Your Venue

♡ Space Holding Simulations

♡ Leading Mystical Experience

♡ Creating Permission for Yourself and Others


All calls will take place through Zoom at 6pm GMT and will be recorded if you are unable to attend live


Module 1 - Saturday 20th October

Module 2 - Saturday 17th October

Module 3 - Saturday 24th October

Module 4 - Saturday 7th November

Module 5 - Saturday 14th November

Module 6 - Saturday 21st November


Jyoti is skilled mystical coach and teacher. She supports individuals to rise into wholeness with her gentle, powerful and unconditionally loving presence. Working with her spirit team as a multi-dimensional channel, her superpowers are around activation and harmonisation.

Practicing Reiki for over a decade, and teaching it for over 4 years, she is an experienced and embodied guide. Receiving initiations in Bali, India, Australia, the America’s and the UK, the flavour of her space holding has been inspired by teachers across the world and throughout the dimensions. piercing through space/time and all aspects of the human experience.

Her human life has been filled with life/death/rebirth cycles and the transformation of trauma has brought her abilities into fruition. She lives the Human Experience fully and has shed the shame cape that kept her ancestors lights dimmed. 


Pay the full balance now for £1111

Payment Plan 1 = 6 monthly payments of £200

Payment Plan 2 = 15 monthly payments of £100

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