3rd – 5th January 2020

 As we transition in to a new and potent year of dramatic transformation, this intimate retreat

offers the opportunity to access and hone your innate skills as an energy practitioner

and supports you to step into the lead role of your life, through an attunement to the power of Sekhem (Ancient Egyptian energy healing). 


It is the year of 2020 vision

Aligning to the crisp perception… 

6 months into the first year in Mayan terms

Of our 13 year process of opening up to our Wizard selves


In a beautiful location in the Yorkshire Dales (UK)

A small constellation are gathering to dive deep into energy work


We will gather in a beautiful cottage

In the middle of the English countryside

To first get clear about our gifts and talents as a practitioner 

Through a personal astrology reading

Before diving into training through potent ceremony

Land activations

Business tips 

And attunements to Sekhem Level 1 & 2 energy lineages


Learn how to craft a business that aligns with your energy

Discover your specific flavour of medicine

And understand experientially how to create a secure and sacred vessel for clients 

Supported by Sekmet's
"BE YOUR BIGGEST, BOLDEST SELF (and fuck the rest)" energy

 In order to be attuned to Sekhem, you must already be attuned to Reiki


Check out this link for all things Sekhem…

The retreat is £333 per person and there are only 4 places available

Cost includes retreat, delicious food and beautiful accommodation


More information about training with Jyoti Offerings can be found here

To book your place or have a chat, get in touch...