White Planetary Dog

June 2, 2017

Today is White Planetary Dog in Mayan astrology


So let's break it down,

White in this framework is all about refinement ~ attention to detail

It follows Red ~ which is the initiation.


And what can we say about the Dog?

Loyalty and unconditional love


And trainable, dogs are a result of their environment and can be ultra love or ultra dangerous

Planetary means day 10 in a cycle

Number 10 is about manifestation of the previous 9 steps

So this code is about what has been created through the previous 9 steps of experience 



If we are not working at un~conditioning ourselves

We are a result of conditioning


And this is the key to White Dog


We cannot run away from the conditioning we are bombarded with

Even if we ran away to the top of a mountain

And lived alone with the animals

Threw away all technological devices

And never set foot in a city again

We cannot escape it

Because it is coded within us


We are of this world

This heavy 3rd dimension

And all the pain that has resulted from that


Like the dog, we have been trained

By people that were hurting

And vulnerable

And domesticated as a result


But in our truest essence



Trace back the doggy lineage and that's what you'll find

Packs of wolves

Who live in community

And care deeply for each other


Are we living our wildest wolf selves?

From an expanded heart space

Or have we become dependent and domesticated?

As a result of our unloving experiences


We didn't have a choice when we were little

Though some would say we chose it

Exactly for the purpose of transforming it


The Alchemy Process


Shaming or overriding our ego isn't the loving solution

That's just repeating the same wounding we received

It's about LOVE


Like How to Train Your Dragon

It's not about fear or domination

It's about becoming friends

Recognising that all we want is to be loved


When we want to go buy more stuff

Eat the rubbish

Exchange our bodies for sex

Run back to the unloving relationship

Take the drugs

Drink the alcohol


We're just looking for love




Our ego doesn't need to be muzzled

It needs to be made safe so we can become allies

Higher self and little self




Once we've got our wolfy self alive and kicking

And broken free from the leads of domestication

We can come home to our pack


Our with Companions of Destiny

With whom we can co-create with

From a Heart Space

And start shining up this dimension to the infinite

Heavenly Potential inherent within it


EFT is an amazing technique

Which holds our ego in a really loving space

And allows us to really

Feel the experiences we couldn't cope with at the time

Which resulted in chains around our necks and hearts

As as we begin to feel the aspects of ourselves and our experiences

Which we condemned to the shadows

This awareness expands the shadow into light

The candle is lit

And we see that the darkness was an illusion anyway


Have a wonderful day <3 


Jyoti xx






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