Yellow Crystal Human

June 4, 2017


This blog is written from my personal perspective

My opinions are my own

And may not be the ones you hold

But I feel to share and so here we are


Today I awoke feeling triggered

Last night I had numerous issues from my personal history bubble up

It was a blue monkey energy yesterday and is my personal shadow sign

It was also day 11 of the wavespell

Which is all about letting go of all which isn't in alignment with the heart

I got into the core of my wound by bedtime

And awoke still feeling engulfed by my pain body


Then I heard of the news

"Terror Attacks"


I received a strong message to go out into the wilderness

Take my yoga mat

And see where I ended up

No direction and no plan and no map felt so scary

Which was perfect

As that was the emotional code that was ripe to be released today


So off I trotted

Pissed off that I wasn't feeling grateful for the amazing place I live in

Angry that I was feeling down

Fed up of feeling down

And seemingly powerless to do anything about it

But the part of me that knows, 

Just held me in a loving space

As I internally tantrummed


My watchful self waited 

Plucked out the belief

From the furious inner monologue 

Raging within

And I did a little tap


This went on for some time

I'd walked about 100m and had cried, shouted and seriously spat my dummy out

I landed in a heap at the foot of my special tree friend

And released a little more

I was really in the thick of it then




Crying and Angry and Scared


I said and walked off up the path


Then I saw a sign


"Himalayan Balsam is an invasive plant which isn't native to the UK. It can cover large areas in just a few years, shading out native species such as bluebells and wild garlic as well as young trees.

Unlike many of our woodland plants, Himalayan balsam is an annual and leaves the soils on which it grows vulnerable to erosion over the winter. Here it is being controlled through strimming, trampling, and pulling."


What an interesting message following some epic belief strimming, trampling and pulling ;)


I continued on 

Still feeling a bit moody

And realised I'd taken a different path to the one I intended to

Which would have led me to a clearing, a seemingly perfect spot to do some yoga

I tapped again on how stupid I felt about taking the wrong path


Getting to the top of the path, I saw a lovely feather and then was gifted the most incredible site

Check this out




I whipped out my yoga mat and filled up with the scene

I started to move and my energy was heightening

I was coming back to centre and out of my pain body

All of a sudden, it began to rain

Part of me wanted to run and hide

But I couldn't stop moving

I needed to be cleansed

I knew I had to go through this process

So there I was

Yogaing in the pissing down rain



After hours singing at the top of my lungs

In deep, deep gratitude for my process

I continued to walk and saw a sight which broke my heart

I feel incredibly connected to trees

In the words of Lord Byron

"I love not man the less, but nature more"

And I felt such sadness that this tree had fallen

But as I stood back to truly see

I saw the way it had to grow

In an attempt to reach the light in a harsh environment

It completely changed its natural course

And could not foresee the impact of the pressure it's growth in an alternative direction would have

It snapped to it's death

And so it is with us too

How much did we have to bend to reach the light in our early environment?

The energy of today in the Mayan is Yellow Crystal Human

Yellow Human energy in it's heightened potential is all about Embodying the creative force

But that can only come

Through transforming the pain body

The pain body which is a result of the beliefs seeded by unloving experiences in early childhood

From elders who had to bend to reach the light


My heart goes out to all affected by the incident in London

Such darkness is heart breaking

And has horrendous outcomes of us all


However, I truly feel that there is a Greater Intelligence working here

Far greater than political agendas

And human being corruption

We have all come for a limited time

To play a part in this collective dream


All we see reflected in the world

Is what goes on inside our Human Being selves

The collective pain body is a manifestation and reflection of our individual pain body

We cannot change what happens out there

We can only affect what happens inside us

And the more we heal and integrate our internal pain body

The weaker the collective pain body is

As we let go of the beliefs that mask our access to the light

We no longer bend in inhumane directions

And have to experience the death that goes with that


My experiences with EFT

Demonstrate to me again and again that

We have to be triggered in order to release

Fear triggers past fear

The horrors of today

Are an opportunity to go within and access our wounding from trauma

All the pain and fear we feel

Has been triggered and we can therefore transform the feelings


We have the opportunity to see the parts of us that are dark, abusive, irrational and cruel

And love ourselves there


Creating the space to be the Human Being Chalice

As oppose to the Inhuman Pain Body


Today is day 12 of the wavespell


Co-creative relationships


As oppose to co-dependency

Recognising our collective responsibility

For the creation of a reality that continuously reproduces pain

Which creates abusive relations between Human Beings


If we feel safe enough to see our shadow

We can recognise our abusive inner monologue

And see where that came from

And what that is creating in the external world


Remember that death is not what it appears

Nobody has gone

They've simply moved to a different carriage on the same train

And so deeply want to check in with you and let you know they are safe and well

And more alive than ever


Sending deep love to you today 









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