The soul skin returns... Yellow Overtone Seed

July 6, 2017


My heart was crying so deeply

And I just couldn't hear

The energy was to scatty, too loud, too intense



The overachiever within was praised from all angles

Awards coming left, right and center for academic and entrepreneurial successes

But what about my soul?


Overly mind identified

I whizzed up a storm and proved myself

To myself



Exhaustion subtly crept up

But once the wave crashed



I plummeted into the depths of depression

So easy to paste on a smile

And such internal pressure to do so


Grappling with needing to know

Needing to formulate the next chapter of the life plan

Cause that's what is required right now


Til the dawning remembrance...


It's not my way

And my way isn't the way

But I know My Self ;)


I listen, feel, follow

But I had ragged myself so far from my inner compass

That all that was left was the distant memory of my version of 5th gear


I was stuck in 1st

Trying to push up the gears

And crunching the gear box with cringing sickness


But always


There is a path out of the storm


All the internal work that has taken place

Seemingly unnoticeable on the surface

10 years of internal transformation

Has done something


I pretty much crawled to the next pitstop on my cosmic adventure


A beautiful boat and pussy cat companion

A month of solace and solitude


As I lit the candles and sat in silence

The tears unclogged from my eyes

And I realised I was home


The present moment

That every ounce of modern life attempts to pull us out of

That ALWAYS exists

Just below the surface

I rediscovered


As I wept, I moistened my soul skin

Tenderly re-membered

Held by the love of the creator

The synchronistic pull which brings us home every single time we allow


Surrendering to all that is

Surrendering to the tragic elements of my personal history

Surrendering to not knowing

Surrendering control


And then...



I feel very connected to Earth

I love to climb trees an just sit for HOURS

But to be on the waters

Is a whole other discovery of beauty


Words can't describe the stillness


The Romance

The Beauty

The Sensuality of Mother Earth herself


When I first visited my floating home

I felt my mum as I always do with destined steps

Our shared experiences are somehow connected to my path


Our favourite film was Chocolat


Revisiting the films years later

I realised the woman was a Mayan chocolateur ;)

And when I walked into the bedroom of the boat

With the door slightly ajar to expose the beauty of the waters

The first thing I thought and felt was Chocolat

*Cue Johnny Depp*

Haha ;)


It's all code

Our past experiences melded together to create our future experiences

And this for me is why movement is so important


I wish to experience

Not possess

All that I dream to manifest

Flows to me through borrowed exchange


I cannot escape my Nomadic nature

It is a fundamental part of who I Am

Though I may resist and push against

The bliss I find with each step fills my heart with a massive FUCK WOW


All I dream of comes to me

And my dreams consistently change and transform

As do I

The opportunity to be receptive

To the constant manifestations

And step into them

Is a gift I am eternally grateful for


Non attachment


Embracing Change


Listening to the wind

And ready to move when Cosmically cued

Just like my friend and her archetypal daughter from Chocolat ;)


I live within the cosmic seams of existence

Hitching rides from the river of the wind

I've been through some mighty experiences

And I honor it all


Today is a taste of the upcoming year in Yellow Crystal Seed

Which begins on 26th July 2017

Following the catalyst of a Blue Storm year

The Destruction




The ground has been cleared

Ready for us to Seed

A Yellow year of Flowering

A Crystal year of Co-creation


It's our time Tribe

Together we have come to pollinate the Earth

The new reality is Here

Is Now

And as we feed on the Sweet Nectar of Life

We carry the fertilisation codes within our energy field

And naturally propogate Our Shared Awareness


Love from the Moment to You always



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