Mother Nature's Mirror... Red Self-Existing Dragon

September 21, 2017

The river talks to me in so many different ways

Each day, a different message whilst looking at the same scene

Who knows how...

A million different currents 

Whizzing around in different directions

A pool of deep stillness and reverence

Alongside jagged parts sticking up out of the flow

And a gushing rushing momentum pulling me forth



Every day I walk past a bench that at one point in my life

I met a soul mate

19 years old

Seeking respite from the harsh energy within and without

Watching the trees in Hebden Bridge park

When in stumbled a whirlwind of love and learning

He spoke to me of destiny

Revealing that his intuition has led him to our meeting

We fell in love immediately

And climbed a cliff that day

Sharing a smoke over the valley

And the first time in my life, all my suffering melted away


Shortlived our story was

And full of heartbreak

But also filled with beauty

His demons were stronger than my love

And so it was written


Years later

When he was briefly stronger than his addiction and out of prison

We met up

And had the same pattern on our bags...

By that point I had been initiatied into astrology

And it was no surprise that we were wearing the same pattern

We were the same pattern

He too was a Red Dragon

Our codes matched

Our karma differed


I have no idea where he is

If he's still on this plane or moved on

But that moment in time that we shared...

However brief and tinged with utter heartbreak

Is celebrated every day I walk past our bench


A few days ago

I was approached by a young boy as I walked through the park

His friend had climbed over the fence and got stuck

I went over, gave him a foot over and within 30 seconds our interaction was done

And that's it.

If the children need us, they'll ask

They don't need to be bollocked or humiliated or judged by us

Just given the space to make their own decisions

And given help when they ask for it



The leaves in the trees are now being shed

And it keeps moving me to tears

Such beautiful life, soon to be dead

It's not that the leaves aren't good enough

It's not that they have done anything wrong

It's just time


So often we clutch onto things in our lives

Analysing whether they are good or bad

Right or wrong

Yet it's not about that...

If it's time

It's time.




Free of judgement

Free of attachment

In full trust that death feeds the life of our forest

In full faith that new life will spring forth when the time is right

This is the Red Dragon teaching


My dreams are manifesting at an alarming rate


The big ones

Like working in a conscious environment

Which nourishes the individual soul spark of young people

And the little ones

Like learning to Hula Hoop


Part of my code as a Red Dragon is to be receptive

My human design analysis too

Same stuff, different language

From my life observations

Which may not be real for you ;)
I cast out my dreams to the Universe

Let them go

Stay super flexible

And then they come knocking at the door of my reality


As I walked home from hooping last night

With a heart on fire and a mega glittery face


I found a little star on the floor

I walked into the woods that I walk through to get to my house

With my torch on in the darkness

My headphones in



And I danced with the deepest joy

The rain was beating down

And I was dancing in it


I had a wobble today on the way home

My financial flow has been stunted

Another layer of limiting beliefs are up and ripe

As I put back my shopping from the organic shop

And had to head next door for budget food

I was okay with it

I knew that it's part of my journey

Knowing I can live on very little


My tolerance wained as I walked up the hill

I was angry


I'm doing it right, I'm trying my best, I just can't seem to get anywhere...!!!
I grrrrrred 

And stomped

And got rather flustered

But then...

Two of the children from school were coming down my road

All of a sudden

The stress and fluster sizzled out

As I said

"This is such a big hilllll!"

With a massive smile on my face

And a genuine fuzzy feeling about seeing them



Then it hit me


It's a big hill

And I'm gonna walk up it

My challenges may sometimes seem insurmountable

But as I continue to push up through them

It gets easier

And easier

As I get more practiced and able



Everything I need comes

I always survive

Clearly ;)
And life close to the edge breeds resilience

That's why climbing over fences is so important

Whether another human, a cosmic coincidence or another channel

The support we need to get out of our rut always comes from source

And the rut is an amazing teacher

We get to see what we're made of

We get to feel out our boundaries

Explore our emotions


The universe experiencing itself in over 6 billion different flavours


If we'd stop taking it all so blooming seriously

And remember what it was like when we were little

We'd see what the deal is on this plane


Easier said than done though...

I had flashbacks and cravings for my old life this evening

As I walked back from having some fun in the gym

I got an overwhelming desire to go out dancing

To go and party

And as I sprinted off on the thought train back to the past


I wasn't looking where I was going and squashed a snail

It may have been fun

But when I was in that space, I was destructive

I wasn't looking where I was going

And that had many not so yummy consequences


I was then pulled into the graveyard

Away from the glow of the street lights

And into the womb of the universe

The night sky held me



I live again in a place where I can see home

The city masks my vision of the stars

Cuts me off from the space I've stared up at

Life after life

And the place I go back to in between


The wave of loneliness passed quickly

But it made itself known

The feeling of utter despair fluttered through my being

For a moment

The challenge of this human existence

And how lost it feels like we are as a collective

But that's the whole point of the training ground of this Planet



We're now in the center of the Tzolkin

The Heart

And I'm feeling it

All that's heavy on it

All it desires to manifest

All the love and awe and beauty which is it's truth


So many moments of late where I've had chance to truly see my life now

I'm where I always wanted to be

And it's fucking fantastic





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