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Mayan Astro 101


Space Clear

On the 26th July 2019, we began a whole new 13 year cycle in the energy of the Wizard,
more info about all that on my YouTube channel.


This package provides a foundational understanding of Galactic Mayan (Dreamspell) Astrology to begin decoding the signatures of those around you and grid into the New Time dimension.

This bundle includes:

** Tzolkin & Info sheet

** The Signatures

** The Tones

** The Wavespell Process

** How to Decode Signatures - a sample chart

** Star Activation Meditation (MP3)

Cost for the bundle is £22 and will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours of payment.

I'm well into Shadow Work if you hadn't guessed.

 And I'm also really into people being empowered with the skills and tools to direct their own healing...

This package provides a number of different gems to support you to reclaim your power, take epic responsibility, transform your blocks and make the space to step into consciously directing your life. 

This bundle includes:


**Foundations of EFT

**Belief Markers Exercise

**Coping Mechanisms Worksheet

**Drama Triangle Info Sheet

**Inner Child Muse Sheet

**Guided Shamanic Journey (mp3)

Cost for the bundle is £22 and will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours of payment.



I genuinely believe in the power of matting energy into hair, and so this service takes place in ceremony...

Expect smudging, intention setting, astrology chats, a Reiki infused knotting and blessings.





*Hair Wraps*

£10 p/h
Presently in Hebden Bridge, UK 

Homevisits Available (additional fee)

Once a deposit is paid, we will organise a date and location suitable for us both and get your sacred hair adventures underway!